Your dedicated accounting supervisor

on time, real time all the time

As a dedicated accounting supervisor

We will keep a watchful eye over
your accounting functions

Professionals will oversee the accounting function of your business

Our system monitors, guides and tracks the work of your accounting department on a daily basis via online so that you are not denied of critical information on a timely fashion

Your financial statements will be audit ready, tax ready and bank ready on-line, real-time, all the time

Allow our qualified accountants to generate your requisite financial information


You have our Attention, We are always there to serve you

Be the business owner that gets to have current financial information on-time all the time


Subscribe to our comprehensive range of accounting supervisory services

Allow yourself the freedom to focus on your business


SKOPOS was developed in response to the financial information needs of business owners of growing and mid-sized businesses to effortlessly meet requisite statutory compliances. Skopos monitors, guides and tracks the work of your accounting staff to ensure that your accounting records and books of accounts are properly kept and promptly updated. SKOPOS acts as your eyes and ears over the proper functioning of your accounting function!

Who We Are

We are a firm of professional accountants focussed on meeting the challenges of maintaining accounting records and the preparation financial statements for medium sized and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. In this respect, our suite of services encompasses a comprehensive range of services that supplant and enhance business performance of our clients. SKOPOS, in ancient Greek means “keep a watchful eye”

Delivery of these services through our unique methodology, known as SKOPOS, is affordable because it leverages on on-line technology